Magnetic Generator And The HoJo Motor

Magnetic Generator

magnetic generator

This is what Free Energy means and this is what the HoJo Motor will give you..

Free Energy means:

  •     You do not need to use expensive solar panels, wind power or batteries!
  •     You do not need to spend thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to get the HoJo Motor set up and running!

The  HoJo Motor Provides Clean Energy:

  •     There are No Emissions
  •     There are No Fumes
  •     There are No pollutants at all

This technology is ground-breaking. It’s life-changing and it is the most effective way to produce natural, clean energy.


The HoJo Magnetic Generator

Howard R Johnson, in the last thirty years of his life, produced a working magnetic generator not just once, but three times. This is documented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which granted Johnson three different patents for his various machines. Johnson achieved working devices that produced free energy and convinced the Patent office of his success through the submission of his magnetic motor plans. Howard Johnson’s motor is now referred to as the HoJo motor in his honor.

Magnetic Generator Patents

Johnson applied for his first patent in December of 1973. The request was for a patent for a permanent magnetic motor. The application included a detailed description of how the motor worked and ten different schematic drawings. This patent was granted to him in April of 1979. His second request was submitted in November of 1985. This application was made for a “magnetic force generating method and apparatus” and was submitted with three drawings that are more schematic. The patent was awarded to Johnson for this machine in October of 1989. His final application came in March of 1993 for a magnetic propulsion system operated by permanent magnets. He received this last patent in March of 1995.

These machines use the properties of magnets to create mechanical energy from a vacuum. Such a magnetic generator may very well become the solution to fulfilling home energy needs in the future without reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity. A simplified version of the hojo motor can now be built at home with plans purchased online and materials readily available in any local hardware store. Constructing one from Johnson’s schematics requires no special tools besides those that are found in any household and the cost of construction is under $100. The generator can be built in as short a period of time as two working days.

Advantages of using a Magnetic Generator in your home

The advantages to creating energy at home for yourself on which to run your household electronics and various appliances are numerous. First, it may be possible to cut your energy costs by as much as 75%. Second, such a motor is safe for the environment since it produces no fumes and gives off no radiation or emissions that pollute the environment, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Third, you can build this power saver yourself. Fourth, it takes up only a small amount of space, is weatherproof and is easily portable. It can be used to take with you for powering an isolated cabin, to power an RV or stationed at home to run your household appliances.

Imagine the money you could save from generating enough energy on your own to power your household without depending on the local electric company. Building a magnetic generator can create this energy for your home. It also means you will portable energy which can be taken wherever you need it. You can make your home a great deal more environmentally friendly. Using Johnson’s designs and building on his previous work in the field, many others today continue to work on designing magnetic motors.

A Magnetic Generator is a device that takes magnetic power and coverts it into mechanically produced motion and force, with no other energy source’s input. There is debate in field of science about whether such a magnetic generator can possibly be created which can produce energy from nothing more than magnetism. Plans for such a motor do exist, however, and they have already been granted patents.

Using magnets to induce energy and using a machine you construct yourself of locally available and inexpensive materials to host this magnetic induction can be the future’s answer to weaning us away from fossil fuel dependence.

Magnetic Generator

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