The HoJo Motor And Electrical Energy

Howard Johnson HoJo MotorAre you tired of opening your monthly electricity bill only to see it is higher than the month before? Do you cringe at the thought of your hard-earned money lining the pockets of wealthy power companies and corporations? If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, the HoJo Motor could be the answer. Simply put, the HoJo Motor, also known as the johnson motor or HoJo magnetic motor, is a generator capable of producing completely free and clean electrical energy. Created by Howard Johnson, ‘the father of Spintronics’, the johnson motor has the potential to rewrite the book on energy creation, distribution and sustainability.

HoJo Motor Technology

The HoJo magnetic motor uses magnets and magnetic force as the impetus for constant motion. As a result of the perpetual motion, the device runs by itself continuously. Under the right configurations, a magnet will fire a force hundreds of times stronger than its base strength.

The motor’s three existing U.S. patents further attest to its workability as the U.S. Patent and Trademark office does not distribute these heedlessly. In fact, in order for an applicant to receive a patent, he or she must provide not just one, but three fully operational products.

HoJo Motor Uses

The electrical energy produced by the motor can be used to power almost anything: light bulbs, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, televisions, and much more.  This generator is said to lower your monthly electricity bills from 30 to 70 percent. Not only does the device create free electricity for the home, it is also portable and weatherproof. If you are going on a camping trip, you can take your HoJo motor along to enjoy the convenience of mobile energy, or use it to power a cabin in the woods.

Electricity Produced

Not only is the electricity produced by this device free, it is also clean. There are no emissions, radiations or fumes, making it a perfect device for the home. As one of the greenest energy units available, consumers can feel comfortable using it around children, pets and loved ones.

The Electric Companies

Ironically, the largest endorsement given to the johnson motor comes from the electrical companies. The release of Howard Johnson’s revolutionary technology has produced a backlash of negativity from the electrical companies and corporations who do not want to see this information reach the public. One has to wonder why those providing the public’s electricity would react so adversely to this technology if its success did not mean failure for themselves. The bottom line is most certainly the bottom line for these companies and corporations, which is why they attempt to squash the efforts of individuals trying to release this product to the public. Apparently, Howard Johnson himself kept his plans secret due to facing constant threats from large energy companies.

The HoJo Motor provides an option for those who are tired of placing all the power into the hands of those who need it least: power companies and corporations. So join the energy revolution and find out what the johnson motor has to offer.

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