HoJo Motor Is Howard Johnson’s Permanent Magnetic Motor

When Howard Johnson applied for a U.S. Patent for his HoJo motor, he was required to bring one in to prove that this device actually worked. Johnson did as requested, and was awarded three different patents on his incredible device. Though he died before the HoJo motor become commercially available, his work has not been in vain.

HoJo Motor

HoJo Motor Plans

By using the simple repulsion and attraction force of magnets, Johnson was able to create a motor that we now can use to create cheap or free electricity. Obviously, his invention did not go over well with many government officials. After all, if the world’s residents are able to create their own energy, what will happen to the global economy? It seems we are about to find out.

Plans for the Howard Johnson HoJo motor have been released to the public. These original plans may be hard to follow for those that are not scientifically inclined. However, it is these exact plans that have caused others to create simpler versions that are easy to build, yet are just as effective in creating energy.

Availability of the HoJo Motor

These HoJo  motors are not commercially available at this time, and it remains to be see if they ever will be. For the time being, those that wish to create their own energy source using this motor will need to build it themselves.

There are actually several reasons why one might wish to use a permanent magnet motor over other “green” energy sources. For one, the upfront expense will be less. Secondly, once permanent magnetic motors are in use, they stay in use.

Solar power, which was once considered the ultimate solution to our power woes, is subject to the behavior of the sun. This means that on cloudy days the power may be reduced. Additionally, the system is subject to complete drainage at night. Since these systems are expensive to set up, many have completely disregarded solar power for the time being.

Wind and water power have also shown promise. However, similar to solar power, both are directly influenced and rely on outside sources. These systems can be even more expensive to set up than solar power systems. Obviously, the common family cannot afford these expenses, even if they will save lots of money on energy costs over the years.

The Howard Johnson magnetic generator needs no outside factors to make it run. Once it is up and running, the magnets will create a constant stream of power. Perpetual energy is the science behind this piece of machinery. It is truly amazing that something so simple could be the answer to our energy problems.

The race is on to see who can create the first commercially available permanent magnetic motor. With nearly every government in the world being opposed to free energy for it’s citizens, as it means a huge loss in income, this will be quite a task. For the time being, those that wish to view plans for the HoJo motor may do so online.

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