Howard Johnson Generates Motion With Permanent Magnets

In the Spring of 1980 Howard Johnson (the inventor of the HoJo Motor) went along to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Howard Johnson The Inventor and Free Thinker

Howard JohnsonThe USPTO is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce and their role is to promote the industrial and technological progress of the nation and to strengthen the economy. The U.S Patent Office is continuously on the lookout for anything unusual and new that might possibly give the US a technological edge over other nations.

Over the decades there have been thousands upon thousands of patent applications for various diverse machines purporting to generate free energy. It was no surprise then when Howard Johnson was told by the officers that “we don’t grant patents on perpetual motion machines”. The notion is that they do not work because they would violate the first law of conservation of energy.

The law of conservation of energy is fundamental concept physics and basically it states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be changed from one form into another. A clear and straight forward example of this is a water wheel. The movement of the water flowing over the wheel generates electricity that can be used to power our stove which in turn, heats a pot of food that we consume. That then gives us energy to go around our daily lives.

Now Howard Johnson was not put off by this response to his design for his unusual motor. He presented a patent that described how it is possible to generate motive power using only the energy contained in the atoms of permanent magnets. Johnson had discovered how to build a motor that would work without any input of any other resource or electricity.

One of the requirements for obtaining a patent was that you must present the office with a working model of your concept. So he demonstrated to the Patent Office exactly how this worked. He demonstrated exactly how he was able to generate motion using only permanent magnets.

Howard Johnson among  the geniuses

We have seen throughout history that those who possess genius are capable of performing and undergoing fantastic feats which for the ordinary person would be unthinkable.
Einstein, Tesla, all of the great scientists throughout history becomes immensely successful simply through their constant and diligent application to their task of discovery. To them it is not an arduous task but an easy almost effortless fulfillment of their thoughts and aspirations.
Johnson himself spoke about bending the laws of physics and playing with them rather than being restricted by them.

“Physics is a measurement science and physicists are especially determined to protect the laws; of conservation of energy. Thus the physicists become game wardens who tell us what laws we can’t violate. In this case they don’t know what the game is. But they are so scared that I and my associates are going to violate some of these laws that they have to get to the pass to head us off.”

Johnson likens his HoJo Motor to a nuclear reactor that extracts vast amounts of energy from a dormant resource. The power within the atoms of the permanent magnets is just as immense and powerful and can be used to generate energy and motion. Strangely, though even he does not fully comprehend where this vast store of energy is coming from and he suggests that it comes from the spinning magnets. He even goes so far as to talk about the possibility of a hitherto un-found and unnamed atomic particle.

The HoJo permanent magnetic motor is the result of Howard Johnsons many years of design and invention both for the military, the air force and in the motor industry.

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