The Magnetic Generator As A Source Of Alternative Energy

sustainable magnetic generatorThe magnetic generator uses magnetic power and changes it into mechanically generated motion and power. It operates through the use of electricity and magnets built into it to create electricity. This machine creates free energy and one of its developers was awarded several patents.

One of these machines was developed by Howard Johnson three times during the last 30 years. His invention is known as the hojo motor in recognition for his efforts and achievements. Johnson applied for the first patent in 1973 with this one being issued in 1979. The second patent was awarded to him in 1989. The third patent for a magnetic propulsion run by permanent magnets was issued to Johnson in March, 1995.

About the Magnetic Generator

Mechanical energy is created from a vacuum through the use of magnets. Schematics of this machine developed by Johnson are available for individuals to use in constructing one for personal use. No special tools are required for the construction process. All necessary supplies are available at regular hardware stores and cost less than $100 to purchase everything needed to construct one of these machines.

There are numerous advantages to creating a source of energy for the home with a magnetic power generator. The main benefit is the possibility of decreasing home utility expenses by up to 75%. This source of alternative energy is also safe for the environment. It does not discharge any fumes, or radiation, nor any emissions that would pollute the atmosphere. This means it reduces humanity’s carbon footprint. The simplicity of the machine makes it possible for the homeowner to build it him or herself.

The size of the machine requires a small amount of space in the home. It is weatherproof and portable. The household machine is mobile enough for transportation to an isolated cabin for providing power at that location. It will even provide the power for the RV used to travel to and from locations.

Experimenting with the Magnetic Generator

A great deal of experimentation is being done on this alternative source of energy to improve and perfect it. The goal is to develop a way of placing the magnets in the motor that requires no external source of power to generate perpetual motion. At this point a small amount of external power is required to start and run the magnetic generator.

The magnetic power generator has an advantage over wind turbines and solar power generators. That is, it is not dependent on a reliable source of any natural energy to operate continuously. Weather conditions do not affect the continuous operation of these machines.

A regular sized home normally needs less than seven kilowatts of electricity per day to operate all of its appliances. Even though theses machines are not being manufactured for purchase, an individual can purchase plans and required supplies and build one for use usually in approximately 2 days. There are many sets of plans available for purchase online. It is wise to purchase from a company that provides verbal feedback if the need for assistance arises. The magnetic generator is a very easily acquired and viable source of alternative energy.

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