The Buzz About The Magnetic Generator

Magnetic GeneratorWith energy prices spiraling out of control there is more excitement than ever about the possibilities presented by the  magnetic generator. The secret behind this technology promises to eliminate a person’s power bill completely. It seems hard to believe, but when an average person remembers a few things he or she already knows about magnets, it becomes obvious that magnets can produce power without the addition of any outside energy.

Anyone who has ever played with magnets as a child knows that magnets can both attract or repel one another depending on how they are held in relationship to one another. Yet few have ever asked themselves about the energy magnets use to accomplish this movement. If you take two items and place them on a table, they do not move any closer to each other without someone using energy of some sort to cause them to move. If someone uses their hands to move the items closer together, then they have had to add energy to the situation through their own physical intervention.
Yet magnets will push each other away or draw closer without assistance from any outside source. They obviously use energy for this and they do not seem to expend any energy in doing it. Realizing this, many inventors have realized that there is an untapped reservoir of energy in magnetism that humans have yet to exploit.

Advent of the Magnetic Generators

The advent of a magnetic power generator could change the world as we know it. Many inventors and scientists already claim to have built working magnetic generators that are ready for mass production. If these power generators work, people should prepare for a new world full of possibilities. Scarce energy resources will no longer be a restraining factor in any enterprise. Magnetic generators would change the way people live, the way they work and the way they get about. The proliferation of such devices would not only mean that people could drive farther in their cars. This is the promise of more modest inventions and improvements in fuel types and vehicles. Instead,  a magnetic generator would completely alter the landscape of reality for every person on the planet.

The greatest change, and the change that may be preventing the free distribution of the plans for such devices around the world, may be the corporate change that would occur. Energy companies, from local utility companies to oil exploration companies, would go out of business. Their stranglehold over society would come to an end. Every man, woman and child would now have access to nearly unlimited energy to heat and cool their homes and power their transportation devices.

Magnetic Generator Brings Change

A zero point magnetic generator fits on a table top, so these magnetic generators are not devices that an average person or family would find too cumbersome or too difficult to house. The only expense a person would have to make would be in buying such a device. However expensive it turned out to be, it would cost a great deal less than a lifetime of energy bills and trips to the gas station.

In the end, even the cost of a magnetic generator is not going to restrain anyone from getting one of these devices. The materials used in making a zero point magnetic power generator are all common, even though they may not all be household items. Thus the price will really be for the knowledge and skill of the manufacturer.

The Magnetic Generator would change the world if their makers can find a way to get them to the general public. These devices will free all future generations from slavery to oil, gas and coal. Furthermore, there are no dangers similar to those associated with fossil fuels or even nuclear fuels.

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