Magnetic Home Energy Generator

magnetic home energy generatorThe magnetic home energy generator is not a new concept.  The idea was first formed by Nikola Tesla in the 1800’s.  He patented his ideas in 1902 despite the reticule of friends, family and the community.  He continued to perfect his ideas, being one of the first developers of solar energy use.  However, solar panels to charge batteries are not the only invention that was derived from his ideas.  Others began to see the practicality of the ideas and expanded on Tesla’s ideas and inventions to discover that there really is a way to produce free electricity.

Investors such as J.P. Morgan and Howard Johnson backed inventors and scientists alike to make a magnetic home energy generator.  Many different models were presented, but most did not meet the needs of a common home.  Howard Johnson felt the investment failed miserably and decided that was no way to use magnetic power for the home.  J.P. Morgan decided to continue the venture, believing that a solution was possible.  However, once he found that the electric energy generated could not be metered and there was no profit to made, he pulled funding on the project.  He was a step too early in that decision.

Examples of a small magnetic home energy generator

There are now several models of the magnetic home energy generator, from factory built to homemade by the handyman.  Professional installation is available, also.  They work by using energy created at the sub atomic level, working on magnetic attraction and repulsion principles.  For example, facing one magnet toward another does not allow the magnets to stick together.  (This is the repulsion principle.)  If the first magnet faces away from the second, the two will bind together.  (This is the attraction principle.)  Most young children are shown these principles in science classes.  Using these principles in combination creates the energy to power the magnetic motor.

The magnetic home energy generator is eco friendly

The benefits to using this source of energy are that it is environmentally friendly, inexpensive to build and install, and reduces dependency on fossil fuels.  However, there are caveats to this source of power.  The magnets used can wear out with time, requiring replacement.  The size of the magnets determines the energy created, and with some models the voltage created is not guaranteed.  As with all power sources, there are pros and cons to be considered, even if the investment is small.  But do not rule out the value and benefits in using a magnetic home energy generator.

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