A Magnetic Home Generator Is An Affordable Option

Magnetic Home Generator

Magnetic Home GeneratorA magnetic home generator is the newest clean-energy technology available to consumers today. Magnets that are put in motion can be used to create kinetic energy. Homeowners can then harvest the energy produced by perpetual motion to energize their homes. Homeowners can expect to save 30 to 50 percent off their utility bill. Read more about the magnetic home generator here.

The process of using magnets to produce energy is not a new one. Scientists have long realized the importance of using magnet energy to power homes and businesses. Consumers are quite eager for any new technology that will not only save them money but will be good for our planet as well.

A perpetual magnetic generator may be constructed from items purchased at any hardware store. These items can be purchased for under $100. Many websites are now offering systematic instructions on how to build and install a magnetic generator. Some of these online retailers are so confident in the success of their product that they offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The best end-result will be to completely unhook from the commercial power grid.

The process of rotating magnets at a slow but steady speed will create 180 watts of electricity, which translates into 420 RPM’s. There is also no by-product, no pollution and no harmful gases of any kind emitting from these devices. The stronger the magnets that are used the more electricity that will be produced. This latest technology is expected to gain greater popularity in the near future.

Electric portable generators have been used for many years by the public. They are durable, hardworking machines. In the event of a power outage from high winds, storms or floods, homeowners have power readily available anytime of the day or night. However, these machines are not eco-friendly and are very noisy.

A magnetic home generator may just be the answer consumers have been searching for. A free energy source that once installed will be virtually maintenance free. When consumers realize how practical and feasible this generator really is, every homeowner around the world will want one

Magnetic Home Generator

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